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Debt finance - other considerations

Know your options – debt finance

Other debt finance considerations
There are many factors to take into account when a business takes on debt. Debt can, however, be a very good thing when it provides the business with added flexibility or supports future plans.

Here are a few specific debt finance considerations to bear in mind before making any firm decisions:

  • Lenders will always take into account a potential borrower’s personal or business credit record when deciding whether or how much to lend.
  • Loans are less flexible than overdrafts, and charges could be payable on funds not used.
  • There may be penalties for early repayment of debt.
  • Being locked into a rigid repayment schedule can prove problematic if cash flow is seasonal or erratic.
  • Overdrafts are repayable on demand and so can be reduced or called in if the finance provider thinks that the business may be in difficulty.
  • There are likely to be penalty charges for exceeding an overdraft limit.
  • Security against the loan will almost always be required, as will personal guarantees from directors or owners. Debt finance considerations.
  • If a business is growing, the amount of asset-based finance will track the growth.
  • Care should be taken when setting the repayment terms for a lease to ensure it is at least as long as the agreement. You can find out more from the Finance and Leasing Association.
  • Interest rates in P2P business lending are often set by the market on the platform and reflect the level of supply of business loans.


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